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dub trio

dub trio: "Jog On", shot at Neumo's in Seattle, July 7/2008
I was first introduced to dub trio's music when they appeared on Mike Patton's 'Peeping Tom' album. As an instrumental trio who fuse elements of dub, metal, experimental ambience and noisecore, dub trio quickly made a name for themself as 'hired guns', both as studio musicians and touring bands. They have toured the world with Peeping Tom and are now Matisyahu's band, opening for bands like The Who and Gnarls Barkley, as well as headlining their own world tours.

I was fortunate to catch the band in a small club in Vancouver in 2007, where they were touring with the newly reunited Helmet. We shot a three-cam DV mix: the entire show can be seen here:

I caught up with the band for a 6-camera shoot at Neumo's in Seattle in 2007, then toured with them for two weeks in December of 2008 during their West coast tour through Washington to California. The footage of that tour has not yet been released, but here is a link to the tour diary.

I made the following "in the field" video for bassist Stu Brooks and his sponsor, Aguilar Amplification.

dub trio are currently touring and recording with Matisyahu. We plan to film another show at first opportunity.

Matisyahu/Dub Trio 8/8/2010

dub trio supporting Matisyahu at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver.